Radon is a triannual journal publishing prose and poetry relating to science fiction, anarchism, transhumanism, and dystopia. Our goal is to amplify leftist speculative writers who see the world differently, who use story and verse to expose injustice and investigate our futures.

We are a semi-professional market paying 2¢/word for fiction and $20 per accepted poem. 

Lastly, we pay $100 for cover art, $30 for back art, and $20 for art used on our site.

New issues launch every mid-January, May, and September.

Note: Our upcoming Issue #8 will be print along with digital, and we will be asking for print rights in addition to digital.

General Submission Guidelines:

  • 3,000-word limit for fiction
  • Up to 5 poems per submission
  • Submissions are open year-round
  • Simultaneous submissions accepted
  • Reprints are accepted at half pay-rate
  • No fees, but please consider our Patreon
  • We are not accepting AI-generated works
  • For additional insight, please see our FAQ
  • Response time is typically two to four weeks

Please note: Authors published in Radon cannot be accepted into the issue immediately following, but may submit after this period.

Flash fiction and short story submissions may be up to 3,000 words. 2¢/word and 1¢/word for reprints. 

For quick processing, please use a single-spaced style similar to Shunn's Modern Manuscript Format.

Stories most often accepted contain a great story combined with progressive social commentary.

Please note that we do not accept fantasy or science fantasy and are likely to reject these genres.

For Dystopian submissions, we look for narratives combining dystopia alongside revolutionary attitudes, often featuring characters actively fighting to break their chains of oppression.

We do not publish horror fiction, but are happy to consider sci-fi with horror elements.

Previously accepted authors must wait at least one issue before submitting again.

Note: Our fiction editors strive for immersive, justifiable worldbuilding and emotionally resonant characters. The story's worldbuilding and character development are of equal importance to the plot for us. 

Please submit up to five poems in a single document. There is no line limit. 

Label attached file "LastName_5 Poems" (replace "5" with the number of poems submitted.)

We request single-spaced formatting using an 11pt font such as Lato, TNR, Aptos, or Garamond.

Our poetry editor prefers free verse with narrative elements and an incredibly moving emotional core.

Hard sells: End-rhyming | Capitalizing every line | Non-purposeful enjambment | Wildly varying line lengths | Environmental/nature poems | Tree or flower imagery | Greek mythology

Radon is looking for evocative digital art for our covers and to showcase on our site. Please see our previous covers here for the type of art styles we are looking for. We ask for digital-native art that is at least 300 DPI.

Cover art pay is $100, back cover $30, and art used our site $20.

We are looking for science fiction or anarchist digital paintings. 

Please do not send us photographs or physical paper/canvas art.

We are not interested in publishing abstract art, pop art, or mixed media.

Due to ethical and rights concerns, we cannot accept AI-generated artwork.

Cover submissions should be oriented vertically and resize well into a 5.5 x 8.5 ratio. 

Artists retain full copyright to their work. Radon only asks for only non-exclusive rights.

Radon Journal